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Month: August, 2013

Training dogs to deal with stress!

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This is a brief look at behavior modification dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety. One of the best ways in which you can help a scared dog experiencing anxiety is a basic obedience program focusing on impulse control and predictability. A huge misconception with dogs is if they are scared or timid they must have been beat or abused in their past. Though this may be true in some cases in many others its simply due to the dog not developing appropriate stress coping skills and lacking confidence. Dogs can develop these issues because of overbearing parents, lack of socialization, sudden change to a normally very structured routine, even a traumatically stressful event during the mothers gestation period, and many other reasons. Try not to weigh yourself down with why because you can help your pup without knowing that answer. The training protocol you should implement should be slow, predictable, and have a high success rate. If you can incorporate play into training it would be ideal. You’re looking for anything that excites a tail wag here. Treats are good but tend not to help with lowering the dogs emotional stress level thus not being super effective during this type of training. As you progress through the training build the dogs confidence by showing him/her how their obedience can control stimuli. Continue through stay training to help encourage impulse control which teaches relaxation. I know this is missing a lot of details but I tried to give you the just of it. There’s a lot to behavior modification please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Jacksonville fl dog training services

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Many of our customers ask us what our training technique is. Our reply to them is we don’t use a technique but put in to practice well studied learning theory that focus on the neurological development of dogs. Using a simple technique for dog training is too narrow and 2 dimensional to get consistent results.

Call or email is today to find out why we should be your number one choice in Jacksonville Florida dog training services. We offer private lessons, group classes, and dog camps. Our dog training camps in Jacksonville Florida are unmatched. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dog training quick tip

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This is a quick tip that may help you with dog obedience training. Dogs focus on body language first and verbal communication second. Try to pay attention to your body language and see how your dog reacts to different things you do. A lot of behaviors a dog may pick up are what they interpreted you to want. Jumping up is a huge one. Once you’ve discovered what you are doing to cause the pup to behave a certain way you can begin to change that and teach the dog to react differently in the future.

If you should ever have other dog training needs keep us in mind and give us a call. We are your dog training experts in Jacksonville Florida. After you talk with us you’ll know why. With all of our different solutions such as dog obedience camps, private lessons, pick up and drop off services, and flexible payment options we put you and your dog first so together we can save lives.

A few steps to remember while dog training

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Dog Training Tip: This is a few simple steps to follow when training your dog for any command.

1) give the command and lure the dog into position using a treat. Once your dog is in the desired position praise with good and release command. Repeat until the your dog is consistently going into position

2) Increase the duration your dog stays in the position before released. This is will help build your dogs focus

3) As you increase the duration of your dog staying gradually increase the distance you are from your dog while they are in stay.

4) introduce small distractions such as setting a toy on the ground or squeaking a toy. Eventually increase the temptation of the distraction such as tossing a toy next to your dog. This will build impulse control and help with calming your dog down.

If you keep in mind these four steps it should help you keep a more systematic approach to dog training. If you have any other questions about dog training remember we are your dog training professionals in Jacksonville Florida. We offer dog training camps from South Carolina to Georgia and to Florida. We know and understand learning theory which enables us to help you with any training or behavior problem you may have.

Dog training tip

by k9perceptionblog

As dog trainers we see and help train a lot of different dogs using all kinds of techniques depending on the dog. All of our dog training techniques do involve a large focus on impulse control. Impulse control can teach dogs not to be so reactive to different stimuli. To train impulse control you start with basic stay training. Once your dog can stay for a small duration move on to distraction training. Have your dog do a stay command and introduce a small distraction. More than likely your dog will flench in attempt to go after the distraction. A dog with good impulse control would hardly react where a dog with poor impulse control may would break after it. Use the rule of repetition to change the dogs reaction to this stimuli. Overtime your dog will learn impulse control and become calmer in general. If you have any other questions or would like help with dog training give us a call 904-237-2044. After we talk you’ll see why we are Jacksonville Florida’s premier dog training company providing our clients with affordable dog training camps that will help their dog become a more well suited member of the family.

The rule of repetition

by k9perceptionblog

When owners are doing training exercises with their dogs we find a lot of times they don’t repeat the exercise enough to teach the dog what’s expected of them. During your dog training lessons you should repeat each step approx. 50 times before moving to the next step. You may need to repeat more or less depending on the dog but that’s a good number to start.