Training dogs to deal with stress!

by k9perceptionblog

This is a brief look at behavior modification dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety. One of the best ways in which you can help a scared dog experiencing anxiety is a basic obedience program focusing on impulse control and predictability. A huge misconception with dogs is if they are scared or timid they must have been beat or abused in their past. Though this may be true in some cases in many others its simply due to the dog not developing appropriate stress coping skills and lacking confidence. Dogs can develop these issues because of overbearing parents, lack of socialization, sudden change to a normally very structured routine, even a traumatically stressful event during the mothers gestation period, and many other reasons. Try not to weigh yourself down with why because you can help your pup without knowing that answer. The training protocol you should implement should be slow, predictable, and have a high success rate. If you can incorporate play into training it would be ideal. You’re looking for anything that excites a tail wag here. Treats are good but tend not to help with lowering the dogs emotional stress level thus not being super effective during this type of training. As you progress through the training build the dogs confidence by showing him/her how their obedience can control stimuli. Continue through stay training to help encourage impulse control which teaches relaxation. I know this is missing a lot of details but I tried to give you the just of it. There’s a lot to behavior modification please feel free to contact us with any questions.