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Month: September, 2014

Quick tips for socialization

by k9perceptionblog

If your dog is maybe a little anxious/aggressive when meeting new dogs here’s a couple quick tips.

1) Don’t make a big deal over the introduction. Many times when people introduce dogs it’s walking head to head to another dog. This is confrontational and should be avoided if your dog is uncomfortable. Try walking up along side of another dog not directly towards them.

2) Don’t allow your dog to pull you over to meet another dog. It’s a good idea to teach dogs to sit when meeting. Once they are calm release them from the sit position so they can make formal introductions.

3) If you have access to doggy daycare use them. Doggy daycare when properly monitored are great for dogs to build social skills.



Dog events

by k9perceptionblog

The season is here in west palm beach. The weather will be cooling off and the outdoor events will begin. What better way than to start of with the downtown West Palm Beach Pup crawl. Being able to take your dog to fun outdoor events is just one of many benefits you gain from training.

Dog training center in west palm beach

by k9perceptionblog

Our West Palm Beach location is up and running. Here we are able to offer our same great services as our training center in Jacksonville. We can handle anything from potty training, destructive behaviors, anxiety, and aggression issues. Our approach is centered around building communication with your dog. To do this we teach strong obedience commands that transition to practical scenarios. We look forward to setting up your free consult and discussing training options with you. Please feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you may have.